Final Week Update

Hello Beautiful People!

We are now on the campaign’s last leg, and we are soo so close to reaching our funding goal. We are currently 91% funded, and we are tremendously thankful for all your fantastic support. To thank you for all this love we want to give you a final week update. We are proud to add two new rewards to our roster; “THE ART CONNOISSEUR #1” and “THE ART CONNOISSEUR #2”! We also have a new, gorgeous Photo Poster in the works, that we will hopefully have ready in a couple of days. We are very proud, and can’t wait to show you!! 

Tormented Tundra.jpg

"Tormented Tundra", by Brage Olsen!

Shaded Woods.jpg

"Shaded Woods" by Brage Olsen!

Now for some pre-production updates

We are in talks with a couple of studios at the moment, so we will hopefully lock the interior location as soon as possible. The Norwegian Winter, however, is playing a little more hard to get. One day the weather forecast promises snow and ice, the next sun and spring. We have already found all our exterior locations in Hallingdal, but are scouting for new locations further up North, where Winter resides a little longer, just in case we need to go with Plan B. No matter what, there shall be film! 

All that is missing now is the final bit of funding, and we will be able to get this crazy show on the road! We are all excited beyond words! 

 Thank you all! :)

Wish you the best, 

The Cast and Crew of “Animositet”