Livin' On A Prayer!

To quote the undying words of Bon Jovi..

“Woooooaaaaah, we’re halfway there!”


We have officially passed the 50 % funded milestone! The response we have gotten have been astonishing, and we haven’t even completed the first week yet! The project seems closer and closer to becoming a reality with every passing day, and we are absolutely extatic! 

It is very important, however, that we don’t let our guards down and start the celebrations too soon; we are halfway, but not there yet! We will continue working our buns off, and hope that you will continue helping us share the project.

We are at the moment working on something special that will give the project a little more panache, if we are fortunate enough to exceed our funding goal. More on that later, if luck stays on our side!

Thank you all!! 

Wish you the best, 

Peder J.